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    About Mitsubishi

    Mitsubishi Electric specialise in air conditioning systems for residential, commercial to an industrial scale. Bing world leaders in the industry, Mitsubishi have designed air conditioning systems that provide exemplary performance in wide-ranging climatic conditions.

    Being sophisticated yet durable, Mitsubishi have developed systems capable of constant use under virtually any natural climatic condition world-wide and are able to deliver years of quiet, energy-efficient performance whilst minimising impact on the environment.

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    SRK Wall Mounted Split System - INVERTER

    Air conditioners and heat pumps for residential and light commercial applications

    The new SRK INVERTER range combines sophisticated micro-processor energy saving controls with advanced refrigeration technology, applied to small air conditioning/heat pump systems. The systems will provide cooling or heating, depending on the room condition and the selected temperature. Instead of switching on/off, as dictated by a room thermostat, the output capacity, both heating and cooling, is automatically varied to match the requirement at the time. This saves energy, and provides stable and comfortable temperature conditions.


    A typical system consists of an indoor unit mounted at high level on a wall, connected by two small copper pipes to a weatherproof outdoor unit, which can stand on the ground, on wall brackets, or on a fl at roof or balcony.


    The indoor unit comes with a hand held controller, which is used to switch the unit on/off and to adjust the temperature and fan speed. A 24 hour timer control is included. Alternatively an optional wired control is available for certain models.

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    Key Features

    • 7-Day Programmable Timer
    • Two on/off settings each day
    • Different temperatures for each set period
    • External timer/BMS switching for Group (up to 16 units)
    • Wall Controller - hard wired Integral temperature sensor
    • Infra-red wireless controller optional
    • INVERTER technology on all models
    • Low profile attractive white unit casing
    • Improved air discharge louvre
    • Low ambient control included
    • Auto re-start after power interruption
    • Reduced sound levels
    • Compatible with Multi Systems