Fully Accredited Refrigeration Engineers

  • F Gas Certification

    National requirement for refrigeration engineers nation wide.

    It is a legal requirement for all businesses that install, maintain or service stationary refrigeration, air-conditioning and/or heat pump equipment containing or designed to contain F-Gas refrigerants to obtain an F-Gas Company Certificate.



  • Safe Contractor

    Guaranteeing our work meets necessary safety and performance standards.

    Accredited members receive a safecontractor certificate as a means of demonstrating your health and safety standards to existing and potential clients.

    Safe Contractor

  • Construction Line

    Officially recognised by Construction Online as a certified and qualified operator.

    As a supplier, you’ll know that jumping through the same vetting hoops every time you tender is not a brilliant use of time and resources. And for buyers, sifting through pre-qualification data and keeping it up to date adds up to a similarly wasteful job. Constructionline helps both sides of the deal bypass these problems, saving everyone time, money and hassle in the process.

    Construction Line

  • Altius

    Scotia Cooling Solutions has been officially awarded Assured Vendor status by Altius.

    We want you to sleep well at night. Not knowing much about the mattress business, we decided to stick to what we do know: vendor assessment. If you knew that all of your vendors met all of your requirements all of the time, we think that would help you to rest easy. 


  • RACA Group

    Scotia Cooling Solutions proud member of the RACA Group.

    We are The Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Contractors Alliance, a group of Independent Contractors whose companies are well established in the industry and provide a first class service in their respective geographical areas of the UK.